Nine Year-Old Artist Creates Art Through Inspiration



Lindsay J. Moser’s first completed watercolor painting.

Lindsay J. Moser’s favorite painting is one she did of two wolves for her grandfather. In October, at the Kern County Fair, that painting won the 9 year-old four awards.
Lindsay was awarded the Best of Show plaque for ages 7 to 9, The Bakersfield  Art Association Scholarship Award for Fine Arts, Peoples’ Choice award and first place. She also had a beach scene painting, which was awarded second place and Chairman’s Choice. Another piece of art created by Lindsay was a sketch of a wolf that also won first place in her age group.
Lindsay painted the wolves when she was 8. Her grandma  had cancer and was not expected to live much longer.Her grandpa, Larry Queen, 59, was very sad all of the time. Lindsay wanted to give him something special to cheer him up. She had already given her grandma, who was from The Netherlands, a painting of a windmill next to a creek.
According to her mother, Carolyn Moser, 40, Lindsay likes to surprise people in her family with her paintings.
“What makes her paintings so special is that she paints with people in mind. They are very personal,” said Moser. “It’s even more special because Lindsay’s grandma was still alive when she presented the painting to her grandpa.”
When Queen was asked what he thought of his granddaughter’s surprise painting, he said, “Very cool, very life-like. It was very special because Grandma was there with us.”
Moser said that her daughter began drawing “as soon as she could hold a pencil.” Her talent for painting was not realized until she started attending art classes at Schilling Art School in Rosedale, at the age of 8.
Her first painting on canvas entered in the Kern County Fair was of a black fluffy dog, for which she was awarded Chairman’s Choice. Lindsay chose the dog because it reminded her of her own dog, Lexi, and because she loves dogs. She recently surprised her aunt with a painting of a Boston Terrier, the same breed of dog her aunt owns.
Both Moser and Queen agree that the eyes in all of her animal paintings and sketches are expressive.
“Each new painting shows a new level of maturity,” says her mother. “Art school has helped her develop in many different styles and mediums. The teacher at the art school is going to start teaching her what they teach the adults.”
Lindsay welcomes the challenge.
Most recently, Lindsay completed her first watercolor painting of tulips with a windmill in the distance and surprised her great-uncle, also from The Netherlands, with it.
Last year, in her second-grade class at Stockdale Christian School, Lindsay’s teacher had her help the other students with art.
“They ask if they can have art lessons from me,” said Lindsay.
Her advice to other kids her age is to “Practice at home and go to art school.”


Lindsay’s multi award-winning painting of wolves.


The 9-year-old artist in front of another award-winning painting she created for her dad, Rob Moser.


Lindsay J. Moser and her first place winning wolf sketch.


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